Dancing Queen

I came across these shoes by accident. Though nearly new, they had been discarded. So I added some glitter….


Shooting Film

When I can afford it, I like to shoot film on the old Hasselblad 500CM. It is a real challenge to get results with only a few frames. Unlike the unlimited number of shots we do with a digital camera, shooting film, specially medium format, is expensive. 24 frames is about the limit for a non paying shoot. Here is a portrati I shot recently on the Hasselblad, using Kodak Portra film, processed and scanned at Atkins Photo Lab. The model is Amy Caldwell.


And here is another of Amy, shot on the Nikon F5 again on Kodak Portra: Colours are much more muted than is currently fashionable for digital.


More of Amy Caldwell here