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Kim Freckelton Model

Kim Freckelton Model

Kim Freckelton, Model

I first shot Kim Freckelton in Feb 2010 and since then several times, but last time would have been a couple of years ago. Mostly I’ve shot swimwear, focussing on our own brand, Kato Swim, though that first shoot was intended to be the basis of a tutorial on shooting with strobes outdoors. This never eventuated, though I had shot a considerable amount of material using a range of different lighting systems. Those were the days when we could get up and shoot in the dawn’s early light. I’m not a great fan of shooting at sunset, because, once the sun sets, you’re finished. If you shoot at dawn, once the magic (half) hour has passed, you still have light. Anyway, Kim has always been a great model, very professional and always giving her best. Some more images here.

Kim Freckelton - as Marilyn M
Kim Freckelton - as Bond girl Halle Berry

These two images, channeling Marilyn Monroe in the first and Halle Berry Bond girl in the second, show the range of Kim’s work. Today she is more likely to be photographed in a bikini than anything else, and positions herself as a glamour model. I’ll leave it to AussieBabes to show more of Kim’s glamour side, meantime here are a couple of her swimwear images for Kato Swim.

Kim Freckelton in the surf at Maslin Beach for Kato Swim Swimwear
Kim Freckelton wearing Kato Swim Tatjana Onepiece at Glenelg