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Business Photography

Your Business Needs Photography – Here’s why.

More than ever, today’s world is visual. We communicate visually through images, still and moving. Text is not attention grabbing, images not only grab attention immediately, they convey information and have an emotional impact in fractions of a second, compared to maybe a minute or more to read an equivalent amount of text.
And more than ever, today’s businesses are online. They need to show their products, their services, and more than that, their brand, to their customer through their web presence. And the only way to do that is through imagery.
Take for example, a small restaurant or cafe. You would have a website, an instagram page, and probably a facebook page. Images you need:
Banner images, images showing the restaurant interior, pictures of the kitchen showing the chef at work, pictures of customers enjoying their meals, pictures of staff serving delicious looking food.
Photographs of every item on the menu – this is highly important – menu photographs must show off the food perfectly.  Descriptions are necessary but a photograph will stimulate the taste buds and  make the mouth water. And show the portion size.
Returns are costly for ecommerce: good product photography reduces returns by accurately showing the customer details such as size, texture, and colour of what they will be getting. That will also increase customer satisfaction and make repeat purchases more likely.
Great lighting will reveal texture. Rotating images will show every side of the product – much better than flatlay!
A professional photographer will take pains to ensure that colours are captured correctly: this is often crucial, especially online. The precise shade of colour is often important to the customer, and again, is this is shown accurately, returns will be reduced.  And using some common object in comparison will show size when that is an important factor.
A zoomable image allows the customer to examine critical product details that may not be visible in a small catalog image.
 It turns out that most buying decisions are emotional, not rational. So while an accurate product photograph is useful and necessary to avoid disappointment, it’s not enough to get the customer to buy.  A different kind of image is required, one that excites and engages the customer. Sell the sizzle, not the steak – an age old marketing principle. Two kinds of image are suitable here: the hero image, using lighting, setting  and compostion to really showcase the product, and lifestyle images, showing the product in its natural environment, or people using and enjoying the product.
Now you can use stock photographs. If you want to disappear into the crowd. Stock images are not of you, not your product, not your people, not your environment. You need images that accurately represent you and your brand. And that means having pictures taken locally. And if you want the best possible photographs for your business, you need a professional photographer.  Not just any professional photographer, but one who understands business – a commercial photographer.