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A walk on KWR

Coltish – the Adventure Begins – and ends.

Some 5 years ago we spent a great deal of time and effort building a new retail brand. We built out a new shop on King William Road Hyde Park in Adelaide with high hopes for the future. Sadly these hopes were never realised and the Coltish brand is no more. Back in 2018 I shot some video with Sophia Anna which I have just re-edited into this short video.

This was before Covid, and before the great King William Road Upgrade, so things are somewhat changed, some businesses have gone, but most are still there.

Kim Freckelton

(This page is a test to follow how Google indexes images. Google indexes pages fairly quickly, but images are another matter)

Kim Freckelton is an Adelaide glamour model. I have photographed her multiple times over the years, mostly as a swimwear model for a local swimwear designer. As a swimwear model, Kim Freckelton is beyond compare. Here is a selection of images of Kim.

Kim Freckelton modelling swimwear at Semaphone beach, wearing a red bikini

This is a shot from I think my first shoot with Kim Freckelton. Shot early morning at Semaphore beach in Adelaide.

Kim Freckelton in vintage dress posing with fisherman

This is a shot from I think my first shoot with Kim Freckelton. Shot early morning at Semaphore beach in Adelaide.

Model Kim Freckelton sitting on a rock at North Haven beach wearing Raquel rashie

Kim Freckelton sitting on a rock at North Haven beach at very low tide.

Kim Freckelton wearing the Tatjana one piece swimsuit from Kato Swim

Another all time favourite shot of Kim Freckelton wearing a onepiece swimsuit from Kato Swim.

Kim Freckelton wearing red bikini at Semaphore beach

Another shot of Kim Freckelton from that first shoot at Semaphore.

Model Kim Freckelton wearing Bianca triangle bikini at North Haven beach

Here Kim is at North Haven beach wearing a bikini from Kato Swim in a watermelon print.

Model Kim Freckelton in the surf at Maslin beach wearing a bikini set in tropical print

Kim in the surf at Maslin beach

Kim Freckelton channelling bond girl Halle Berry, walking out of the sea at Maslin beach

An all time favourite shot of mine, Here Kim Freckelton could easily be a Bond girl, shown here walking out of the surf at Maslin beach, wearing the Isla reversible bikini from Kato Swim.

Business Photography

Your Business Needs Photography – Here’s why.

More than ever, today’s world is visual. We communicate visually through images, still and moving. Text is not attention grabbing, images not only grab attention immediately, they convey information and have an emotional impact in fractions of a second, compared to maybe a minute or more to read an equivalent amount of text.
And more than ever, today’s businesses are online. They need to show their products, their services, and more than that, their brand, to their customer through their web presence. And the only way to do that is through imagery.
Take for example, a small restaurant or cafe. You would have a website, an instagram page, and probably a facebook page. Images you need:
Banner images, images showing the restaurant interior, pictures of the kitchen showing the chef at work, pictures of customers enjoying their meals, pictures of staff serving delicious looking food.
Photographs of every item on the menu – this is highly important – menu photographs must show off the food perfectly.  Descriptions are necessary but a photograph will stimulate the taste buds and  make the mouth water. And show the portion size.
Returns are costly for ecommerce: good product photography reduces returns by accurately showing the customer details such as size, texture, and colour of what they will be getting. That will also increase customer satisfaction and make repeat purchases more likely.
Great lighting will reveal texture. Rotating images will show every side of the product – much better than flatlay!
A professional photographer will take pains to ensure that colours are captured correctly: this is often crucial, especially online. The precise shade of colour is often important to the customer, and again, is this is shown accurately, returns will be reduced.  And using some common object in comparison will show size when that is an important factor.
A zoomable image allows the customer to examine critical product details that may not be visible in a small catalog image.
 It turns out that most buying decisions are emotional, not rational. So while an accurate product photograph is useful and necessary to avoid disappointment, it’s not enough to get the customer to buy.  A different kind of image is required, one that excites and engages the customer. Sell the sizzle, not the steak – an age old marketing principle. Two kinds of image are suitable here: the hero image, using lighting, setting  and compostion to really showcase the product, and lifestyle images, showing the product in its natural environment, or people using and enjoying the product.
Now you can use stock photographs. If you want to disappear into the crowd. Stock images are not of you, not your product, not your people, not your environment. You need images that accurately represent you and your brand. And that means having pictures taken locally. And if you want the best possible photographs for your business, you need a professional photographer.  Not just any professional photographer, but one who understands business – a commercial photographer.

The Spanish Chair Project

The Spanish Chair






First, there was the chair….

Then, Em was regal….
Megan modelled….
Kim channeled  Angelina – or was that Sharon?

T-Bear made the chair disappear….

Sophia made it look comfortable…

Lauren added Modern Vintage..

Lysa lounged languidly.

and Cecelia danced in place…


Real Estate shoot for a small Airbnb.

Model Memories

The Model Pages

This page is devoted to the local photographic models I have worked with over the years. Frequently the same model repeatedly, as once a reliable and capable model is found, we want to use them again rather than risk the unknown. All of the models featured here are reliable and capable. Click on an image for a larger view, or to be taken to that model’s page. Frequently people ask questions such as ‘Do you have to be tall to be a model?’.  To answer this question, we will need to talk about the different kinds of modelling jobs. The type of model most people think of first is the fashion, catwalk, or editorial model. These are the models in the public eye, seen in big fashion parades and expensive magazines modelling clothes for international designers. The best are highly sought after and very highly paid. Generally these models are tall, above 5’9″ or taller. Fashion models generally don’t have tattoos or piercings as this can restrict the brands they can work for. Most models are commercial or photographic models. You won’t know their names or see them on television, but you will see their faces on packaging, in online and print catalogs including catalogs that you get in your mailbox (the real mailbox, the one at the end of your driveway), and in advertisements everywhere. These models don’t have any size or height restrictions. Sometimes models can specialise in small niches: for example, as hand models for jewelry or foot models for shoes, but they need to have very photogenic hands or feet, and live in a place where there is a lot of demand. That means London, Paris, Milan, New York, or Sydney. Sometimes its an actress who gets the modelling role in a TV commercial, like Ngaire Dawn Fair for Ford, or Gabrielle Miller for Trivago. Not everyone can make the crossover from photographic still to video, and models with actiing experience have the edge here. Local models do break into the international fashion scene from time to time. Lily Nova of Adelaide agency Finesse recently had her international debut at Milan Fashion Week, walking for Gucci. So it does happen. In the meantime, there are other genres of modelling. Commercial as mentioned before, but also glamour, and alternative, where tattoos and piercings are actually desirable!

Kim Freckelton in the Studio
Photographic Models - Sophia Anna
Model Amy Caldwell
Indonesian Model Anggun
Photographic Models - Ivonna
Elen Moore
Sara MacDermott
Photographic Models - Cera