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What is Commercial Photography?

Commercial photography, not surprisingly, is any photography used in business and commerce to assist the business in achieving its goals. Profit is the ultimate goal in business, but to achieve it you need customers or clients, and to attract them you need publicity – the means of bringing your business to the customers’ attention.

Publicity includes brochures, flyers, catalogs, advertising posters and banners, packaging, supermarket displays, advertisements in print and other media, menus, point of sale displays, your webpage, your social media – facebook, instagram, linkedIn, business directories, online lookbooks, the list is probably endless. And all of these need images. They also need written copy, but more and more in today’s world, the image is paramount in getting your message across.

Images can be simple product images, shot on white, to show what your product looks like, Necessary, but not particularly exciting. Or they can show your product in its most attractive light, as in an advertising poster. Then again, lifestyle photography can be used, where images feature people using and enjoying your product or service. The product shot, and the product advertising or hero shot, are made in the photographer’s studio. Lifestyle photography is done on location, perhaps in your business, perhaps where people gather to enjoy your product.


Commercial photography - Glass of orange juice with oranges and ice