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Event Photography

Event Photography has been one of my specialties for many years. Events of every variety – sports of various kinds, fashion parades, community events. Memorable examples are the Australian Masters Games, Special Olympics, Waugh in the West, as well as shooting dozens of Bike SA cycling events for Epsom Road Studios.

Event Photography
What is an evant? Could include weddings but will leave these out as their own category.
More to it than just showing up and taking a few photographs.
Show up on time.
Deliver on time, promplty. ]
Understand the event. Do preparation. Know the flow and be ready for it.
When something important happens, don’t be on the other side of the room looking the other way.
Meeting the client’s need. Find out what it is beforehand.
There is more to the event than the event. The stars of the event sure, but also everyone and I mean everyone else, support people, the food, the entertainment, the location itself.
You need to be able to see what is happening and what is about to happen and be there ready.
Bob Francis and partner Anna von Berg
Steve Waugh chatting with Premier Wetherill