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The Product Hero Shot

In Commercial Photography, between the basic product shot and lifestyle photography, there is the product hero shot. Take beer for example. The basic shot or pack shot shows a bottle of beer on a white background. The label details will be clearly visible. This kind of image is used in catalogs and on packaging.

The lifestyle shot as described earlier would show a group of people for instance, enjoying their own company, and incidentally drinking your beer. Perhaps a bottle of the beer can be seen somewhere in the shot but it is not usually prominent. The product hero shot might show a bottle of beer standing on a counter, clearly cold, as it will have condensation all over it, and beside it a freshly poured glass of beer, again with condensation on the outside, a perfect head, and bubbles rising in the fluid. It will be perfectly lit to show the golden colour of the beer.

This kind of shot is cheaper and easier to produce, though it does need an expert commercial photographer to create it. The big brand lifestyle shot may require several models, hair and makeup artists, a stylist, and a crew of three or more as well as the photographer.

Glass of Coopers Pale Ale being poured, with a full bottle beside