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Wine Bottle Photography

Wine bottle photography showing three bottles of white wine

Bottles shot on white, $65 per bottle, no setup fee,

According to Forbes Magazine, ‘Wine Marketing Is Tied to Social Media.”  Online, whether traditional website ecommerce, or social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, are essential for doing business in the modern world. And for that you need quality images of your product.  At Paul Campbell Photography you can be assured that Wine Bottle Photography, whether on white or in a lifestyle shot,  is approached with the same care and attention to detail as a portrait of a person.

Your bottles can be photographed in a variety of ways. Highlights and reflections in the bottle are carefully controlled – nothing is left to chance. Highlights can be softly graded (my preference) or hard edged, on one side of the bottle or on both.
Wine bottle photography does not have to be on white: the white background can be replaced with a solid or graduated colour, or made transparent. We can also shoot your bottles with a more interesting background, on location, or with props.

Wine bottle photography showing a set of three bottles of shiraz wine with wineglass and grapes


When shooting on white, a reflection at the bottom of the bottle can be provided if desired. Retouching will remove all blemishes and imperfections, though great care will be taken to remove or minimise these before shooting. For instance, with white and rose wines, we will often remove the back label to allow the light to make the wine in the bottle glow. We can take wine bottle photography out of the studio on to location, to show the wine in a lifestyle context, with people enjoying the product. Since we can’t taste wine online, the next best thing is to show people enjoying it. Finished images will be supplied as high resolution jpgs, and pngs with transparent background. And in any other format you require.


Girl pouring wine from a bottle seated on a winebarrel in a vineyard

Secure online delivery of images  is standard, other methods on request.

Wine bottles can be couriered to me (preferred) without personal contact. If you organise pickup they will be returned when the images are done.

Price for single bottle shots is $65 per bottle, no charge for setup.
Quotes for more complex shoots can be provided on request given a detailed brief.